Sunday, June 21, 2009

Training at B.J. Penn Academy this weekend!!

Yeah guys...spent this weekend in Hilo on the BIG ISLAND of Hawaii!! It's just a comical 60 minute flight from here in Honolulu. Initially went there for a baby luau in Hilo town, but convinced my lovely girlfriend to let me slip over to B.J. Penn's academy.

B.J. is on the mainland in California training for his fight with Kenny Florian (go B.J.!) one of his brown belts (Chris Henriques) is teaching his classes. His jiu-jitsu is really sick, and he had us drilling some killer X-guard techniques!

F.Y.I...these boyz in Hilo are monsters!...they start sparring and end sparring!
Everyone was SUPER_COOL and DA BOYZ even took my girl and I out for a night on tha town! We went to a few bars and there were some locals singing their hearts out (karaoke)...B.J.s brother Reagan was cruising with us and a few other MMAers!..gotta send shouts out to Chris and Robby (crazy englishman)...By the way, everyone needs to check out the BIG ISLAND...Kalapana!!...oops!


  1. Yeah Big Island, Hilo represent! Normally Jay Penn teaches class, but there is such crazy talent that it is nice to have the different instructors to mix up the style. Got to give Jason mad props for the blog, keep it coming!

  2. Yeah Mark...Howz the mainland?..Yeah Chris taught class and then we got crazy at Palms and Kims in Hilo town...miss ya man! the backyard isnt the same w/o ya...soon enough though..aloha Jason Vigil...will keep posting stuff 4tha cause!!