Sunday, June 28, 2009


The PAC SUB jiu-jitsu tournament was this weekend in beautiful Hawaii! Over 1000 people in attendance, this event hosted the best from the islands, California, and other global locations. There were appearances by Jason "Mayhem" Miller, Clay "The Carpenter", and Kendall Grove. Super-stoked that my instructor Jason Izaguirre was there to coach all of us. This was my first tournament fight as a purple belt. In my first match, I hit the Houdini Flip (see Houdini Flip instructional) with less than a minute left to take his back and secure a choke...Aloha...DRILL IT!!!

This match below was for 3rd place...I had just been submitted in the previous fight via toehold (a gnarly one!)...Another tough Relson student who liked to go hard!...However, I was able to play my game and submitted him with an arm-lock from the guard...ALOHA

This was a little intermission/treat for the spectators (and competitors). A ring girl bikini contest to raise an already insane testosterone level!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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