Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jason Vigil vs Pono Pananganan (brown belt open) Triple Crown of Jiu-jitsu

Well...there were only four(4) brown belt competitors overall at the Triple Crown, and we all got thrown together regardless of our weight.  I just so happened to draw the reigning, defending brown belt champion for the last 5 years!..He is the head instructor at Kauai Technical Institution in Lihue, Kauai, and has been training over 15 years.  Let it be known that it was an honor to get on the mat with him.  Whatevz...had my brown for a week when we met at the Triple Crown..I should have fought for my guard (one of my strengths) after he nullified my de la riva, but I made the mistake of turning away...UGH!!!..great job Pono..


  1. Get em next time brada!

  2. gonna be thinking of this guy everytime I roll from now on!!!