Monday, October 19, 2009


This was my first match of the day after coaching like a crazy maniac. No-gi advanced (purple belt and above)..boy was super strong, however I managed to get the take down in the final seconds to secure the win..lucky!!!

This was my second fight of the day. My opponent, super tough brown belt from Kauai, definitely did well in this match. We actually fought again in the purple belt gi finals..Now that was a fight for the highlight reel!!..(thanks Sirrus)

This was the final...gotta hand it to this guy for making the final..he was like 140 lbs..tried to make it quick. You can actually see the guy I beat in the previous match talking shit after I take this guy down with the double-leg. He said, "don't worry he just gonna hold you from there," and you can see me talking shit back as I mounted him. "Nah, Im just gonna mount him before I submit him!"...and then I triangled him from there!!...Now on to the gi division!!!

After the no-gi division I went outside for a little JAH and lost track of time. When out of the blue Tammy told me I was up!..I ran and grabbed my gi and jumped on the mat. Yeah, I was kinda winded but didnt plan on footlocking the guy. Heres how it went...

This fight was tough!..I won by a sweep. Thats it. I didnt feel as if I slammed him, however in the middle of a jiu-jitsu fight alot can happen. Sure to see you again Thomas...

This was for the samurai sword!...My opponent Sirrah is a brown belt on Kauai. First off, let me just say that he was kicking my ass in the beginning like it was his job! And..then I was able to escape his back attack, got too high on my guard pass attempt and got swept!..Lucky for me I was able to slap a triangle on him and cinch it down for the win!!!...Again, my hat is off to my opponent...great technique..gonna come and surf Kauai to train with him again!!!..Aloha n Armbars!!!

All in all the tournament was insane! Gracie Kailua won like 13 samurai swords and Island Jiu-jitsu brought home a few as well, yeah?...ALOHA (gotta go surf!)

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